Sparkman's School Programs
Learning by Magic
Sparkman entertains with magic around the world. He also speaks on important topics using magic as an illustrative tool and memory aid.
Sparkman's programs are funny, entertaining, and magical. In fact they are so magical that the kids learn important information, almost without realizing it.
Sparkman has Educational Assembly Programs for Elementary School through High School and Fund Raising Magic Shows that are just plain FUN!
Elementary School
Stranger & Drug Danger Program
More Than JUST SAY NO!
Sparkman uses Magic and Storytelling to teach a 4 step process in handling these tough situations -

Includes Classroom and Take Home Materials.
Al's Church
Middle School
Your Life - Your Choice
Middle School can be the most confusing time of life for children who are becoming adults.

Your Life - Your Choice addresses the psychology of a Middle Schooler and helps put them on the road to success in School and Life.
High School
High School
Climbing Out of the Box
Sparkman prepares high schoolers for business and adulthood with the speech he gives the corporate world.

Climbing Out of the Box teaches ways to develop your creative potential and ways to use that creativity for problem solving.
Middle School Video Clip
The World's Easiest Fund Raiser:
An evening show for the whole family. Parents buy tickets,
the school makes money,
everyone has a Great Time!
What People Say About Sparkman
David Carlisle - Riverdale High School, Principal
I personally liked the way your tricks and stories included topics like making  good friends, making wise choices, and working hard in school.
Pattie Barnes - East Junior High School, PTA Parent
If only one child in the school was reached through your program, it was worth it.
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