Sparkman uses MAGIC to illustrate the Bible

So, You have a problem. Finding a good children’s entertainer is hard work.

You have to find an entertainer for a kids at your church. You need an act that is clean, age appropriate, fun, entertaining, memorable, hold’s the attention of today’s kids, and hopefully, can verbalize the gospel.

I am Doug Sparkman and my Comedy Magic shows may just be perfect for you. But don't take my word for it. I will just sit back and let Kathy Lewis pat my back for me...

Our Friday evening event...was a blast! Our kids loved it! They especially loved your performance. You were wonderful! I have been singing your praises.

Sheri Betsher

Faith Baptist Church

...Sparkman has a unique ministry to children. As a Children’s Coordinator, I am always on the lookout for people who are also to minister to children, as well as entertain them. (Sparkman) is one of those people... (Sparkman) uses creative audience participation and humor that keeps the children on the edge of their seats. He has skill as a magician and also uses some of his tricks to share the Good News about Jesus with the audience. His energy and enthusiasm captivate the audience.

Kathy Lewis, Children’s Coordinator

Leawood Baptist Church

Well I am back, and I will try to remain humble after that glowing testimonial.

I would like to provide one of my comedy magic shows for your next children’s event, whether it is Children’s Church, an Upwards Basketball Banquet, or any Special Event. My first goal is for the kids to have fun. If they are not laughing, stretching their arms to the ceiling in an effort to help, and leaning forward in the seat to get closer, I am not earning my keep as an entertainer. They will have a great time, but they will also remember having a great time at Church.

When I have them in that prime state of “Controlled Chaos” that my crazy shows elicit, it is a perfect time to remind them of the things the Lord has done for us. As a Bible believing, Born Again Christian, I enjoy relish the opportunity to use a fun magic trick, as an illustration of a Bible Story. Of course, The Lord sacrificing himself for our sins, is much more important than a silly magic show, but I think illustrating a gospel message with fun entertainment helps kids remember the gospel, and enjoy attending church.

Doesn’t “MAGIC” send a mixed message?

When you see my show, you will not imagine that any child thinks I have “magic powers.” In fact they typically speak about how funny the show was. If you are still concerned, I can make sure to give the kids my short talk about the difference between Magic and a Miracle. I realize the Bible references staying away from false prophets and magicians. There is a major difference in the false prophets of the old testament and magic as ENTERTAINMENT.

Gospel Magic?

I will give you a simple example. I bring out a rope and discuss how in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had direct communication with God. When they ate the Fruit the line was cut    (I cut the rope). But, through faith in Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, and our Repentance and Acceptance of his Forgiveness, we again have a connection to God. The I restore the rope.

Each program contains from 1-3 Gospel routines, depending on the program. The kids favorite is when I get a kid on a table, pull out an electric jigsaw, and tell them about Abraham going to sacrifice Isaac. Yes, it’s a side splitter.

“Friends Making Friends” was the theme of our 2010 Youth Lock-In. We hosted over fifty children ages 8 to 18. We wanted to get them out of their usual comfort zones, and away from their typical make-up and playing-it-cool routines. You “magically” made the difference in our lessons. Take a look at our picture! Everyone had a blast participating from the audience, and that handkerchief trick really brought clarity to our teaching about the world. Thanks for such a wholesome approach! May God richly bless you and your family. 

Alfred Lloyd

Easthaven Church of Christ

I want to express our thanks for the recent magic show. You were absolutely wonderful with the kids! I loved hearing all the laughter and seeing all the smiles. Please know that your work was truly a ministry to us and we appreciate the time you shared with us.

Gayle McCarty

Grace - St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

“We’ve had Sparkman 4-5 straight years and the kids and adults are still intrigued and attentive. Great Show!

Keith Weiss

First Baptist Church - Olive Branch, MS


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What is important in Children's Entertainment?         

You Need...

Part time entertainers may be inexpensive, but since they only perform a few times per year, they are usually not a good value. It takes literally hundreds of shows for an entertainer to learn to hold the attention of children. An entertainer who is equally adept at entertaining adults, is a rare find indeed.

A big part of entertaining children is keeping them laughing. And why wouldn’t you want a Born Again Christian in front of your kids involving the Gospel in the entertainment? Could you feel comfortable with a secular entertainer?

A Full Time Professional Entertainer
An entertainer that uses audience participation
A funny entertainer
A Born Again Christian
Someone who can relate the entertainment to the Gospel

Christian Entertainment for the Whole Family     

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