Magic Birthday Parties

You Have a Problem

You need to find an entertainer for your child’s birthday, that is affordable. But, you also want to provide someone age appropriate with show that is interactive and memorable. Many feel that Sparkman is one of the top birthday magicians in the country.

Why Listen to us?

Well, Sparkman has performed over 2700 programs geared for children and families, in addition to his Business Entertaining. This website has many testimonials of happy customers, you can watch a short video to see if he is right for you AND THE SHOW IS GUARANTEED! Here are some details...

Crowd Control

Sparkman opens by laying down rules for the kids in a humorous manner. Sparkman’s ability to control the crowd gives you a chance to sit down and enjoy the party. How often do you get to do that?


Sparkman performs various crazy routines, most of which use a child assistant. The kids get to be smarter than him, see things he does not and everyone gets surprised.         

It is important to watch video from any entertainer that you are considering. How else will you know you are hiring a good act?

The Photo Op

Do you try to get all of the kids together for a photo at your child’s parties? It is like herding cats. In the middle of Sparkman’s birthday show, he plays a game with the kids. This game is a ruse to get the kids together (with the birthday child in the center) so the parents can take a photograph. Surprisingly, people often comment that this picture “game” coupled with Sparkman’s ability to keep the kids under control is the most “Magical” part of the show.

Even the Variety has Variety

There is also a puppet segment. Typically this is a Rabbit in a Hat. The Gold Program has includes Ventriloquism with a Talking Dry Erase Board. Even the adults laugh at the way a rabbit hand puppet puts Sparkman through the wringer. When was the last time you relaxed and laughed at your child’s party?

Your Child is an Entertainer!

The end of the show is the Birthday Child’s big moment, so break out the video camera. The Birthday Child will remember participating in Sparkman’s Magic Show for many birthdays to come, and probably for life. Your party probably only lasts only a couple of hours. Wouldn’t you agree that the real value is in how long the party lasts in your memories? Sparkman’s shows have been designed for a Lifetime of Memories, and he has had kids remind him that he was at their birthday party 10 years after the show. 

The Guarantee

If you don’t think Sparkman’s Magical Birthday Show was as entertaining or memorable as this page states - You Don’t Pay! Yes, you can pay less. If you hire your entertainer based totally on price, you will likely be disappointed. (Watch their video)! Isn’t it better to spend a little bit more and have great memories that last for years? Besides, with Sparkman, You have a guarantee.

A Birthday Party Your Child Will Remember!

I like the fact that the kids had a chance to be involved. They really enjoyed it. You have the right personality for entertaining kids.

Venus Chaney

Birthday Mom - Memphis, TN

We enjoyed the show so much. Several mother’s commented on how GREAT it was. I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Whitney McDonald

Birthday Mom - Memphis, TN

Sparkman was entertaining for the young & old at the party. We were impressed with his magic show and especially at how clever & witty he was. It was really fun!

Jill Derickson

Birthday Mom - Shelbyville, TN

Thank you for coming. I love your magic tricks.          

Hannah West

Birthday Girl (2 Sparkman Birthday far)

Thank You for making Cameron's Birthday a wonderful event!         

Judi Durrett

Birthday Mom - Clarksville, TN

The show was a huge hit with the kids and my son definitely had a memorable & magical fifth birthday! Having a magic show also made having a big birthday party at home much easier than coming up with things to entertain a bunch of five year olds!

Allison Sconyers

Birthday Mom - Franklin, TN

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